Tips on how to buy your wedding dress

WE have been slightly concerned of late about the phenomenal time brides have been told they need to allow for their wedding dress to be odered, in some case's leaving brides feeling stressed and panicked into buying without confidence that they have chosen the right dress.

Here are a few suggestions we think you should adhere to before you start the happy, fun, joyful experience of finding that dream dress.


We suggest that you start looking approximately one year before the wedding date. Dresses on average take between twelve and twenty weeks to order,  due to the shipment schedule of most designers as the majority of gowns are produced outside the UK. 

How to shop

Choose three to four shops in your local area, between them they will carry an excellent collection of the top designers in the country.

Try to balance your time and not rush from one shop to another, take your time, there is a lot to take in and consider, step back and think, its easy to be overwhelmed and make a quick decision only to regret later. If its the right dress it will still be there the next day ( even on the sale rail )

Don't be fooled by family, friends, and sale tactics !! we can all be bias to our likes and choices, always trust your own instincts, they are usually right.

Even if you think it's the right dress for you, step back and take time to make the right decision.